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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: How to merge FOP94-branch
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 10:21:45 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> Ross are you talking about "using" Forrest plugins?
> IIUC, Ferdinand is talking about developing the code
> in svn trunk. As far as i can see there can only be
> one version.

David is right. Is it at all possible to have two separate 
versions of a plugin in svn? And how would that work?

> Ferdinand i don't understand why we would want to maintain
> two separate versions.

Good point. If the old plugin is still available  for 
download and the new plugin is marked so that is works with 
0.8 there is really no reason to still have the old code in svn.

So what I'd do is:

- publish the current state of the pdf-plugin if there are
   just checked: last change was April 10, 2007 thus before
   the 0.8-release thus no need to republish
- update the version number of the plugin, move the libs and
   stylesheets and test this with fop94-branch
- when working test the new plugin with forrest 0.8 and
- when working publish the plugin and remove fop-code in
   from head.



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