On Jan 18, 2008 11:57 AM, Ross Gardler <rgardler@apache.org> wrote:
Thomas Witteriede wrote:
> I tried to create an album using the photogallery plugin but the
> thumbnails and "small" images are not rendered (file size 0 bytes). Is
> there something wrong with my environment (WinXP, Java 1.5_11)?

I vaguely remember some issues with the photoGallery plugin on WinXP. I
just tested it and find that none of the resized images work on that
platform (not recently tested on Linux).

Please have a look through our issue tracker for any known bugs and, if
you can't find any please report this as a bug.

If you have any Java skills please join us on the dev list and we'll
guide you through how it works.


Yeah, this is in JIRA though the comments are somewhat confusing.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Windows box as I've recently gone all apple - where it works as expected.  Maybe I can help if someone can update the JIRA issue with the latest/real stack trace?  Anyway, I'm wondering if it might be because we're not closing things out properly.  Maybe someone with a windows machine can try adding in the cleanup for the variants ( e.g. imgOut.flush(); writer.dispose; imgOut.close(); )  

I'll eventually try to set up my mac to run windows too but I want to hook up time machine first and, unfortunately, that's not happening soon.