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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: How to merge FOP94-branch
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 08:44:38 GMT
If libs and stylesheets where moved to the plugin directory 
(where they belong) there could be two versions of the plugin

	0.2 using old fop
	0.3 using fop .94

As far as I can tell, these could then be used with Forrest 
0.8 und higher and people had the option to use either 
fop-version with either Forrest version.

Btw. How can we maintain two plugins of the same name but 
with different versions in the plugin directory?


David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>>> We are almost there. The branch with FOP 94 is running
>>> smoothly and I'm planning to merge it back by the end of
>>> this week.
>> Cool!
> Yes, congratulations.
>>> The branch changes Forrest core and the pdf-plugin
>>> Can I do a complete merge or will the plugin have to
>>> become a new version?
>>> I guess a new version is required or Forrest 0.8 runs into
>>> problems when using the modified plugin 0.2 that calls for
>>> libraries that it doesn't have.
>>> So here is what I'll do:
>>> - change version number of pdf-plugin in the branch to 0.3
>> - change required Forrest version number (but see below)
> Yes, both the plugin number and the Forrest required version
> number would be incremented.
> Please someone make sure that the existing plugin is deployed
> to our website (both locations) before changing it.
>>> - merge all changes
>> You should merge changes from the whole trunk into branch first and then
>> test. If all goes well you can merge back into trunk. This step is not
>> required but sometimes it sometimes highlights a change in trunk that
>> affects your changes in the branch.
>>> - create an instruction file for using the new fop in 0.8
>>>  by changing the plugin in properties to 0.3,
>>>  adding the required libraries and replace the style sheets
>> If there are manual install steps needed I don't think it's a good idea
>> to claim that FOP is supported in 0.8 (hence change the minimal forrest
>> version). We don't want support requests for this so it should be
>> confident users only.
>> This will mean the autodownload will not work for this plugin and the
>> user will need to perform all steps manually including downloading the
>> plugin manually.
> It would be better to do a 0.9 release.
> -David

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