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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Xdoc format
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:38:13 GMT
Carlos Tejo Alonso wrote:
>> Carlos, once you have found the examples using the technique that David
>> suggests it would be great if you could provide a patch for the sample
>> document. That would help those who follow in your footsteps and stop me
>>   providing useless information ;-)
>> Ross
> I was doing my homework today :-) I have the sample file patched.

Excellent, thanks.

> How can I add sample.xml patched to project?

I guess youa re not using the svn head? If you are then the process is 
explained at

If you are not you should try and provide a diff (also explained in the 
above link)

Failing that upload your modified version to the issue tracker (again 
links to that are provided in the above document).

The first requires more work from you, but makes it easier to make 
further enhancements (it also makes current commiters job easier). The 
middle option is less work for you and more for the committers but is a 
reasonable compromise. The last is minimal work for you but maximum work 
for the commiter (i.e. less likely to actually get committed - but in 
this case I'll be sure to sort it out for you if that's all you have 
time for).


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