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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Xdoc format
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:19:05 GMT
Carlos Tejo Alonso wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for your answer.

[Please don't top post, it loses context in the thread and make the 
archives difficult to follow]

> I was looking for the elements that could be inside <header> like
> <subtitle>, <version>, <authors>. Do you know where can I found an
> example with these elements?

That's what a DTD defines. I have provided links to info about the DTD 
and how to use it in your favourite editor. This will give 
auto-completion in most editors, which will answer exactly this question.

Furthermore, in the document you linked to in your original post [1] is 
generated from the DTD. It provides a description of what is allowed in 
what elements. So, for example,  header is defined as:

Content model 	( title , subtitle ? , version ? , type ? , authors ? , 
notice * , abstract ? , meta * )

If you don't know how to read this or the DTD then I recommend you read 
a tutorial on DTD, any search engine will help you find a good one.


> Best regards,
> Carlos Tejo Alonso Departamento de I+D+I - Fundación CTIC Parque
> Científico Tecnológico Gijón, Asturias (Spain)
> -----Mensaje original----- De: Ross Gardler
> [] Enviado el: miércoles, 23 de enero de
> 2008 13:23 Para: Asunto: Re: Xdoc format
> Carlos Tejo Alonso wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am going to start developing a system using apache forrest. Rigth
>>  now, I am interesting in xdoc 2.0 format.
>> There is some information in the website [1], but I haven't found
>> yet any document regarding an specification of the use of each
>> element (almost all of them are quite clear, but not all...)
>> Where can I found more information about xdoc format?
> You were almost there, in a sub-menu item where you found [1] you
> will also find [2], which is a document that illustrates all alements
> in XDoc2.
> You can view the XDoc source for this file in your Forrest
> installation or via [3]
> The DTD for XDoc is also available in your Forrest install. [4]
> provides information about how to use this DTD in your favourite
> editor.
>> Will Apache forrest continue using this format?
> Yes, and no.
> For a very long time we have been planning to move to a subset of 
> XHTML2. However, this is a major change in Forrest and requires a
> great deal of work. Consequently, it has been on hold for a long
> time.
> However, XDoc has been migrating to this XHTML2 subset for some time
> and is, today, almost identical.
> If/When we finally move to the XHTML2 subset we will continue to
> support XDoc for backward compatibility.
> Ross
>> [1]
> [2] [3]
> [4]

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