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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Plugins and dependend code
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 01:11:05 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
> >Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> >>
> >>Working on the FOP-Update I started wondering, why
> >>stylesheets and libraries for the pdf-output-plugin are
> >>placed in core instead of the plugin directory.
> >>
> >>If it was placed in the plugin-dir one could easily change
> >>back between fop 0.2 and fop 0.94 by simple changing the
> >>line in
> >>
> >>Is there a way to do this. Can a plugin have it's own libraries?
> >
> >I reckon just drop the jar in a /lib directory of the plugin.  The
> >plugin template seems to already account for it.  Sounds like the
> >right thing to do too.

Yes. Search the plugins for jar files to find some other examples
e.g. the dtdx plugin.

> I believe that when I originally extracted the FOP stuff there was no 
> mechanism for plugins to provide their own libraries. I/We must have 
> forgotten to retrofit this to the FOP plugin. Go ahead and move them over.

Ross means PDF in that last line.

Similarly with stylesheets. Perhaps we left some stuff in the
core which should be in the plugin. PDF was one of our first plugins.

> Note, it was always my intention to create FO plugin too. However, this 
> would create a plugin dependency of PDF -> FO and we don't support that 
> yet. For now I'd say the FO stuff can go in the PDF plugin, it's not 
> used anywhere else (although be sure to do a full site build to test 
> that my memory is not failing me).
> Ross

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