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From David Crossley <>
Subject export classification, ECCN, handling cryptography, etc.
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 02:08:01 GMT
The ASF board has specifically asked every PMC chair to ensure
that projects have attended to "Export Classifications" and to
mention progress in our next board report, which for us is due
in mid-February.
and some explanation at

Stuff like this is not specifically up to me. The Forrest PMC
as a whole needs to look out for such issues.

I have tried to understand it in the past and thought that it
didn't apply to us. However, recently Apache Ant raised an issue
on the legal-discuss mail list, related to their (and Ivy's)
use of "jsch". Forrest also bundles a jsch binary with our
release (see below).
"Subject: ECCN questions, again, this time Ant"
and other threads.

Roy's answers are particularly helpful as usual:

If i read things correctly then we need to follow
Roy's example for "httpd + openssl".

Affected code
I have found our use of "jsch" (see below). Please help
to find what other affected products that we use.

find . -name "jsch*.jar"


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