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From David Crossley <>
Subject FOR-876 again (Was: wholesite and locationmap)
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 00:53:44 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Also, I'm currently finalizing an article about technical documentation
> with Forrest (for tekom [1], the German prof. assoc. for technical
> writers). One of the key features to create "a book" is the wholesite.
> So, I started digging into FOR-733 but I'm not even sure that the
> locationmap is working for me (0.8 and HEAD).

In general the locationmap does work properly. Lots of testing
was done prior to the 0.8 release.

> In a newly seeded site the link at the bottom of
>   http://localhost:8888/samples1/locationmap/index.html
> is *not* rewritten but points to "lm:rewrite.index" which gives a
> browser error (sth. like "protocol 'lm' unknown).

Hmmm. There was a kerfuffle in the past about this
particular issue. Search the mail archives about FOR-876.

And the error is shown on the Forrest zone testing: and see "forrest-seed".

At one stage we worked on it at a ForrestFriday IRC session
(around June 2006) and it seemed to be fixed.

Now it is broken again and the error does not seem to be reported.


> Do I need to "activate" the locationmap somewhere?
> Do I need to add some matches to sitemap.xmap?
> As I gathered from
> the project's locationmap in
>   ...\fseed-HEAD\src\documentation\content
> should handle all requests that do not have a physical file present
> within the project (folder "xdoc").
> Is that so? I.e. adding
>     <match pattern="my-lm-file.xml">
>       <location src="index.xml"/>
>     </match>
> would resolve the request "http://localhost:8888/my-lm-file.html" and
> finally deliver from "index.xml"?
> Thanks in advance!
> Johannes
> [1]

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