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From "Carlos Tejo Alonso" <>
Subject RE: Xdoc format
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:53:04 GMT


> That is good explanation, however i gather that Carlos was
> looking for an example of those elements.

That's the point :-)

> Also there is good recent discussion in our mail archives
> about automating the use of "version" to diplay source control
> revision numbers an dates. Not sure how you will find it
> (i tried a quick search). The "user" list, IIRC.
> Anyway, that discussion led to an FAQ:

I was reading also this thread [1] and comparing the result on forrest v0.8. Are these conversion
available ?

> Someone should add the missing examples to the main "document-v20"
> sample doc. If you can manage a patch that would be great,
> otherwise perhaps one of the committers will do so.
> I added an issue to remind us:
> -David

> Carlos, once you have found the examples using the technique that David
> suggests it would be great if you could provide a patch for the sample
> document. That would help those who follow in your footsteps and stop me
>   providing useless information ;-)
> Ross

I was doing my homework today :-) I have the sample file patched.

How can I add sample.xml patched to project?

Best regards,

Carlos Tejo Alonso
Departamento de I+D+I - Fundación CTIC
Parque Científico Tecnológico Gijón, Asturias (Spain)


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