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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Plans for integrating FOP .94
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:20:45 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe schrieb:
> Thanks to Jeremias, we have now completed the update to FOP
> .94. To do so he has recompiled the block with the cocoon
> revision that Forrest currently uses.

Thanks from my side as well!

> Which by the way turned out to be rather difficult because
> there where externals used in cocoon that could not be
> identified by the revision number we logged when taking that
> snapshot. So the block is a hack, but it works as far as I
> can tell.

I know this must have been a pain -- we tried ourselves.

> So, the new FOP is integrated and used (in that branch) the
> transformation is updated to complete processing without
> fatal errors, from now on it's all about adjusting the
> transformation to create at least as good a pdf as it did
> before.

Yes, the layout became messed up but this may (hopefully!) be fixed
on XSL level.

> Btw: The update did not fix FOR-413. Things got worse. Next

I'm not so pessimistic ... at least I do not get any "infinite loop"
errors any more---which is a big improvement!

I just tried out the test project and all pages seem to work!

The images that are too high are cut off at the end and no scaling is
applied as before, even not to wide images.

FOP produces a lot of warnings but this is way better than rendering
for ages and just stop with "infinite loop".

So, I think this is a leap forward!

> step is to check the transformation and make it standard
> conforming.

I'm looking forward to see the results from this!

And after everything looks
> ... at least as good a pdf as it did before
we may tackle some improvements :-)

Cheers and Thanks

> Best regards,
> Ferdinand Soethe

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