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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: cocoon 2.2, dispatcher and blocks
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 10:57:55 GMT
On 07/11/2007, Thorsten Scherler
<> wrote:
> I agree, but ivy is a dependency manager rather then a build system
> (which is good old ant).
> I am aware that this block move from certain plugins are not in the
> spirit of a possible move to forrest2, however we never came to a clear
> decision which route we will take.

Forrest 2 is whiteboard and not progressing right now.

As the only person what has done anything on Forrest2 I should point
out I have recently been looking at the Incubating project Sling,
which does some very similar stuff. However, I'm still not sure it
will do what Forrest2 was/is intended to do.

There is also a new lab working on a lightweight XML pipeline system
(can't recall the name right now).

With all these experiments going in the similar direction I do not see
Forrest2 as a block to another experiment like this one.


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