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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Extending DOAP
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 21:40:53 GMT
I need to extend the DOAP specification to allow projects to specify 
other projects they are related to. We (the project with this need) has 
made a proposal to the maintainers of the DOAP schema, this has been 
acecpted, in principle. However, nothing is happening and the schema has 
not being extended as discussed.

The use of DOAP has a similar need in it's 
categorisation of projects. this extension has also been proposed to the 
DOAP schema. Again, it has been accepted in principle, but action has 
not followed words.

Our DOAP plugin already has support for the category extensions used in 

I have modifications for the DOAP plugin that support the extensions we 
need too. Now, I can keep these extensions in a local project namespace 
and make the DOAP plugin extensions in a forked version of the plugin 
(which is Apache licensed). Of course, I don't want to fork in this way.

Alternatively I can add them to the Apache extensions namespace and make 
the necessary plugin changes here.

Note, I have not discussed adding the schema extensions on site-dev yet, 
but I see no problem with that since David was in the discussion about 
the need for these extensions. However, the namespace of the extensions 
is unimportant, if site-dev does not want it in the asfext namespace, we 
can add it to a new Forrest one.

The modifications will not affect the DOAP plugin operation on plain old 
DOAP files.

Any objections to me adding the code to our DOAP plugin?


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