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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] decide the future of forrestdoc
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 22:42:38 GMT
Vincent Siveton wrote:
> Hi David,
> 2007/9/10, David Crossley <>:
>> Vincent Siveton wrote:
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>>> Gav.... wrote:
>>>>>>> Ok, so we have given plenty more time.
>>>>>>> Looking again at the link Vincent gave ,
>>>>>>> shows that Maven are in agreement and happy to take the code.
>>>>>>> What happens now ?
>>>>>> Thanks for waking this up.
>>>>>> I guess we officially invite Maven to take the code into their SVN,
>>>>>> thank them for taking care of it and remove it from our SVN.
>>>>>> David, is there anything special we need to do?
>>>>> Sorry, i have been busy, and still.
>>>>> I suggest that one of us composes a list of steps,
>>>>> then contacts Maven.
>>>>> Here are some items that i can quickly think of:
>>>>> * A Maven committer does a complete 'svn copy' of
>>>>> everything in forrestdoc. This retains history (and
>>>>> can do subsequent moves/deletes from there).
>>>> Absolutely agree: it is a benefit to be part of ASF community ;)
>>>>> * Then a Forrest committer does an 'svn delete' from
>>>>> our SVN forrest/whiteboard/forrestdoc
>>>>> * Maven might need to explore what happened with the
>>>>> import of the Vizant code. We haven't really investigated
>>>>> the provenance of any of forrestdoc. There are some recent
>>>>> notes in
>>>>> forrest/whiteboard/forrestdoc/src/java/org/apache/forrest/forrestdoc/ant/doc/package.htm
>>>> I am aware :)
>>>> For others, see FOR-1029
>>>>> * Need to add comments to the various recent email
>>>>> threads to provide cross-references for the archives
>>>>> and mention the issue number.
>>>> I will also add that Forrest Team needs to remove "Tool: Forrestdoc"
>>>> component in jira.
>> Thanks.
>> Another thing is that Forrest need to remove the "forrestdoc"
>> entry from our Gump descriptor.
>>>> So, waiting for the green light to go ahead.
>> Really sorry that the Forrest PMC has taken so long
>> to finalise this.
>> Please Apache Maven PMC, tell us when you have done
>> the 'svn copy' and we will remove it from ours.
> Done with r574907
> You could delete the forrest/trunk/whiteboard/forrestdoc/ project or
> add a README.TXT for the log with the new location.

I've deleted the directory, the log message points to Maven.

> Be sure that the Maven Team will take care of the code :)

It's nice to see it finally find a loving home. Thanks for your patience.

>> Note for the archives: See
> I moved several Forrest issues on our jira (MSANDBOX-33, 34, 35, 36)
> and deleted for you some Forrest issues as won't fix (FOR-1033, 1030,
> 1028, 1027, 1024, 1023)
> You need to delete FOR-820.

Thanks for the cleanup, I closed FOR-820 with a won't fix and removed 
the Tools: Forrestdoc component in JIRA. All issues that were in that 
component are now closed and have been moved to the "other" component.


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