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From "Oshani Seneviratne" <>
Subject DOAC plugin
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 20:23:42 GMT

The initial plugin code of the DOAC plugin is attached with FOR-1039
[1]. This plugin produces a "resume" like page from the DOAC data
contained in FOAF files.

Unlike in the Resume plugin however, all the aspects of a typical
resume are not reflected in this plugin. This is because there aren't
many elements to consider, as the DOAC specification [2] is very much
in it's infancy still. I emailed the DOAC maintainer (Ramon Antonio)
last week asking about the possible directions of the spec. But did
not hear from him yet. Also the spec [2] has some ambiguities. For
example, it gives element <doac:skill>, but an example usage of the
author's FOAF file itself at [3] specifies <doac:has_Skill>. In
addition there are differences in specifying dates as well: for eg,
<doac:start-date> is given in the example that accompany the spec but
<doac:date-starts> is given as a property of the classes
<doac:Education> and <doac:Experience>.

Assuming that these differences are minor, and that the spec would
come to a stable state soon, I went on to produce xdoc from what is
explicitly stated in the spec. I would provide updates to this plugin
as the spec evolves.

Also, although the official GSoC "pencils-down" time is over, I am
afraid this plugin is not yet complete. I was interested in writing
dispatcher code to view in Exhibit that would filter and sort people
based on their skills, education levels and experiences as described
in the DOAC data. But the code is not complete as of now. The code I
submitted is a snapshot of what I did before starting the dispatcher
code. I will continue working on this and provide a patch as soon as I
get it working.

Thanks and Regards,


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