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From "Oshani Seneviratne" <>
Subject Re: GSoC work on plugins
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 09:24:02 GMT

On 8/9/07, Gav.... <> wrote:
> This is for Oshani bur the rest of the list need to know what is happening ,
> Oshani, you have been absent from this list for nearly a month, a private
> mail I sent you two weeks ago (giving you the opportunity to reply in
> private) has gone unanswered.
> Here is the situation.
> FOAF plugin needs completing - this was due on your own timeline of July
> 9th. You explained to me reasons for this and I accepted them. You assured
> me you would get back on track.

Apologies for being absent from the list. And thanks for the extra push.

> Here is what I propose you do :-
> 1. Take a look at and solve issues FOR-1008 and FOR-1020. Send in separate
> patches for the issues so I can test and apply them easily and timely.

 Will do.

> What else needs to be done to complete FOAF plugin ?

Well, sometime back Ross put the suggestion of making the DOAP plugin
use the FOAF plugin to render the FOAF info in DOAP files [1].


I would like to give a try at this, but at the moment I am exactly not
sure how this could be done! This was not in the original proposal,
but I think it would be really useful for Forrest.

> 2. Create the DOAC plugin and submit the code as a patch.
> 3. Complete the DOAC plugin.
> Thoroughly test with lots of examples the FOAF and DOAC plugins.
> IF you have time after that, being the hCalendar plugin.
> You need to start doing this now - I do not want to see a last minute rush
> of code submitted just before the deadline.

Thank you very much for the revised proposal on my behalf. I will try
my best to complete it on time.


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