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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: multiple projects in single forrest instance
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 09:46:56 GMT
llamar burgess wrote:
> Ross Gardler schrieb:

>> One question whilst you are working on this - how is your site 
>> URLspace going to be structured? Will it be:
>> A/index.html
>> B/index.html
>> B/index.html


> Thats exactly how i wanted it to be.
> Whats next? :]

I've built a simple test site that does the first stage of this. If you 
could follow along with your test site then we can be sure it works. As 
your understanding of the way Forrest works you'll be able to add 
functionality to the test site.

In the meantime, please ask questions, add requirements to the list at 
the start of the index doc (see below) and do whatever else you think 
may help us move this forwards.


All I've done so far is create a proof of concept, it is a very long way 
from complete. Do the following:

svn up
cd whiteboard/multipleSites/master

Edit by changing the value of the property below 
to reflect your filesystem:

<!-- FIXME: we can't allow absolute locations like this -->
<property name="subsite.xdocs.seed" 

Now do:

forrest run

The resulting page tells you a bit about what I have done in this 
"multipleSites" experiment in whiteboard. If you want quick motivation 
then request:


What you are now looking at is the index page from 
multipleSites/subsite-seed - but not you ran forrest in the 

Now go back and read http://localhost:8888 properly, test it out on your 
test site and supply a patch including any clarifications/additions to 
the content of the instructions.

Also add any requirements you would like to that page.

Then tell me it works/does not work and identify what we need to work on 
next - there are lots of holes in this at present but since you have the 
real world use case I'd rather you pointed at which hole to fill first.


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