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From llamar burgess <>
Subject Re: multiple projects in single forrest instance
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 23:39:28 GMT
Ross Gardler schrieb:
> I can certainly spare enough cycles to help guide you through the 
> experimentation though. Hopefully, together, we can make it work.
I sure hope so, too :)
Thanks for your help, again.
> First thin first is to switch your site over to using the dispatcher. 
> This is whiteboard code in the 0.8 release. It is pretty stable but we 
> cannot guarantee that its usage will not change during the course of 
> 0.9 development.
> The dispatcher replaces the skinning system. It is far more flexible, 
> but has a steeper learning curve than skins as a result.
> I would recommend that the first thing you do is create an 
> experimentation project for this. Keep your published sites in 0.8 
> with multiple Cocoon instances (as discussed on the user list). Once 
> we have it working you can decide what to do with respect to using 
> whiteboard code in production (a few of the devs do use it, so it is 
> reasonably dependable).
> You might also want to consider working with the SVN version of 
> Forrest too. The downside is that you need to track things here, but 
> since you are here...
> To create your experimentation project (in 0.8-dev or 0.8) copy the 
> project you want to use as the "base site" and see 

Got it up and running. My working project is built with the SVN trunk 
version of Forrest and ready for action.
This is the first time i am dealing with the dispatcher (just to mention 
it..). It looks awesome to me!
If it is capeable of what i think it is... then it will provide 
functionality i always wanted to have in Forrest.

> One question whilst you are working on this - how is your site 
> URLspace going to be structured? Will it be:
> A/index.html
> B/index.html
> B/index.html
> Or some other set up?
Nope. Thats exactly how i wanted it to be.
Whats next? :]

best regards

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