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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher behaves differently in static and dynamic modes
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:03:33 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
>> On 8/1/07, Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 23:11 +0200, Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>> ...
>>>>> However, when I do a "forrest site" the link appears in all pages, not
>>>>> just those in the projectDetails/* urlspace.
>>>>> Any ideas?
>>>> Very weird, will have a look now.
>>> I used the fresh site and created
>>> src/documentation/resources/structurer/url/projectDetails/pelt.fv
>>> I can see the described behavior in e.g.
>>> build/site/samples2/subdir/index.html
>>> build/site/samples1/index.html
>>> and some others
>>> but e.g.
>>> build/site/samples1/linking.html
>>> shows the right behavior.
>>> We need to debug, but could be a
>>> caching problem of the locationmap.
>> Problem still occur if you turn caching off?
> Yes, the problem still occurs. So I guess this means we need to look at 
>, although to be honest, I'm not 
> sure why this should be the problem.
> I need to publish this content ASAP, so I'm going to try doing a wget 
> from the forrest run. If this works maybe this issue will be the factor 
> that pushes me to look at Thorstens crawler in the lab since we need to 
> create our own crawler to allow us to upgrade Cocoon (and move forward 
> with Forrest 2).

I did the wget to publish, so that got me over the hurdle in the short 
term. It worked just fine.

> What do people think? Is it worth the effort, or should we investigate 

Thorsten has made a patch to the 
that he thought would solve the problem (he mailed me offlist to say he 
is having problems mailing to the list at present due to spam blocking 
on ASF servers).

Unfortunately this did not work, but it did get me to look at the 
problem in some more detail. Here is what I found, I'm off to bed now 
and will return to this ASAP.

When looking for a file specific .fv, such as:


and that .fv does not exist the projectFallback is used, in this case 

OK, that looks fine. The problem is, that somewhere along the line the 
directory for the projectFallback is set to 

I think this may be in the locationmap and may be as a result of the 
fact that 
does not exist.

As a workaround I created the file 

The site then built succesfully.

It should be noted that it is possible to reproduce this behaviour in 
"forrest site" and "forrest run", it is all to do with the order 
documents are retrieved in.

I've created an issue to document this workaround.


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