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From "Sina K. Heshmati" <>
Subject Dispacther and XPath
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 11:33:57 GMT
In an attempt to dive into the Dispatcher, I have started to write some contracts for the Baetle
plugin. While working, Once an issue raised, I try to get over it by studying the source code
but if things get complicated, then I'd rather ask the list.

Here's an issue: Does Dispatcher really support XPath?

Let's say that I'd like my contract to decide where in the final document to add the content
it generates. For instance,

<forrest:template ...>
  <xsl:stylesheet ...>
    <xsl:template match="/">
        <forrest:part xpath="/html/body//div[@id='footer']">

would append the generated content to the node selected by @xpath.

None of the current contracts that I know of, goes further than simple XPath expressions (e.g.

Do you think it's a bug that contracts with more complex XPath expressions fail, or is it
meant not to work like that at all?

The only thing I didn't examine is the XPath processor used in the org.apache.forrest.dispatcher.transformation.DispatcherTransformer
class. 'contractProcessingEnd()' is the method responsible for generating the final content.

Sina K. Heshmati

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