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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: [jira] Subscription: FOR-open-with-patch
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 12:47:44 GMT
Here is my summary of why these issues remain outstanding/unpatched
and my position on them.

> Key         Summary
> FOR-1034    SKOS Plugin - Update 20070802

I have tried working with it but the latest patches don't work for me.
I am happy to apply it once I get an updated patch file - others may
want to give the new patches a try as is, it may work for others on
linux maybe I don't know.

> FOR-998     [PATCH] Resolve empty cells.

I am unsure as to the purpose of the patch and so possibly I misunderstand
its intention. My understanding of missing spaces table is to emphasise what
happens if you don't include empty cell entries. The patch seems to work
around the empty cell entries on the table that does not require them due to
the nature of being an example of what happens when they are missing.

I would like others opinions as to the validity of the patch and whether or
not it should be applied. I'll be happy to apply it if others agree.

> FOR-934     i18n language override menu

I have not fully investigated the implications of this, perhaps Sjur or
someone else could revisit it.

> FOR-905     Recent change in cygwin appears to prevent the classpath for
> loop in the forrest command from working

I do not use Cygwin for anything other than applying patches, I have
commented on the issue though. Someone else who uses cygwin with forrest
needs to investigate.

> FOR-795     Navigation bars for easy access in long documents

I agree with Ross' comments that it would be very useful. The patch is built
against 0.6/0.7 so would need updating and reworking for 0.9 I guess.

> FOR-752     Forrestbot "build" workstage creates spurious
> "build/webapp/WEB-INF/logs" directory

No more comment to make than is already in the Issue, if no-one wants to
enhance the patch then it could be applied as is. I am in the same boat as
Matthieu here, I don't fully understand if there will be further
consequences as a result of applying the patch. If others comment that it is
fine as is then I can apply it if others have no time, just let me know.

> FOR-652     CSS Style Sheets need cleanup, optimization and better naming
> of elements

I have assigned this to myself and will work on it soon.

> FOR-635     images not reliably reproduced in PDFs

I have tried and failed on this one, Ross has had more success I think. I
will be leaving this one to someone else. I have removed the patch available
as it does not solve the problem.

> FOR-412     use CSS for displaying list of Changes

This has been revisited, the patch and issue now rely on Issue FOR-970 if
that is a viable option.

> FOR-355     Improved PDF configurability (e.g., TOC, Page Numbers, logo)

This has been worked on recently and is getting close to being finished.

> FOR-311     OOo Headings bug causes Forrest to fail

I don't use OpenOffice. Clay Leeds has done an awful lot to this as have
others, not sure how much more is left to do.

> FOR-280     gather index terms from documents to create index page with
> links

This still looks interesting to me and will look at it again when I can.


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