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From "Gav...." <>
Subject POssible DOAP additions ?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 12:03:37 GMT
I believe it was Thorsten that introduced us to the delights of - I find the information there very interesting
and always take at least a weekly look at what shows up about Forrest
stats, and also other projects there.

I do not think it is a flash in the pan site and will become more
than it is now in collecting and delivering cvs/svn/committer stats.

I saw a message that they are creating an API for it [1] and in
particular this caught my eye ...

"...So far, we are planning on creating a REST API on top of ohloh, enabling
the ability get information on projects, accounts, stacks, etc... We would
support XML and JSON out/in and also require a free API key that would limit
the number of requests a day (to keep our servers reponsive).

What could one do with this?

I'm hoping you tell us. Off the top of my head, I imagine people might want

    * track who has kudo'd them
    * write a doap converter
    * resurface project analytics into their own websites
    * enrich a user identity with Ohloh stats
    * derive your own data, like what is the most popular language in the

While we're still designing this feature, now is the time to pipe up and
provide feedback and concerns. Thanks in advance!..."

So , question is, is there an interest in leveraging ohloh information into
a plugin, either extend existing DOAP, or something else ?

If we get an interest, I'd like to supply an approved reply to that thread.


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