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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] decide the future of forrestdoc
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 20:39:24 GMT
On 18/07/07, Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 12:24 +0100, Ross Gardler wrote:


> > It is our duty to maintain the code, I agree. But the "our" in that
> > sentence refers to the ASF, not to Forrest. We (Forrest) are not
> > maintaining the code, Maven say they want to use and maintain it and,
> > more importantly, Vincent is doing it.
> As I understand the thread
> they
> are still deciding. Reading your words it sounds they already have
> consensus they want be the new host.

Poor wording on my part, I'm still sticking with my original proposal
from [1] which was:

"Vincent, are you reading this thread? If so can you liaise with the
Maven community to see if they would like to accept the code into
their SVN. Be aware that Forrest have not yet decided they will donate
the code (see above), but if Maven don't want it you could save us
some time."

> I know that you are on travel, all patches are applied besides
> (see my comment on it!)
> from Gavin and me.

Thanks to you both.

> ...but please let us apply a realistic time frame for issues, why is
> everybody in a hurry this days?

I don't see a rush, again, from [1]:

"we need to leave a little more time to ensure Thorsten is able to
object more strongly if he so desires."

[that should have said "the community" not Thorsten, sorry]

Applying patches in a timely manner is very important for community
development though.

> If there is a commitment for the code I am all for giving to maven.

OK, so lets leave it a little while longer to ensure others can object
if they want to. Then under lazy consensus we can offer it to the
Maven community.

[NOTE: my interpretation is that we don't need a vote for this but
there is time to correct me if I am wrong]



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