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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: direction of forrest
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:03:19 GMT
On 16/07/07, Tim Williams <> wrote:
> So, I ask what's the future of forrest?  Is Forrest2 or some
> derivative the answer?  Status Quo?

Thanks for raising this Tim. I don't have time for a full answer right
now, and given I am travelling at present I doubt I will have time for
one until later in the week, or maybe even next week. So, my very
quick answer for now is...

Forrest is dead, long live Forrest2.

When I say Forrest2 I do not necessarily mean the code in whiteboard
(although I think it is pretty cool), I mean the concept of Forrest 2.
For those who have not read my original Forrest2 direction see the
archives that Tim linked to in his post, the summary is...

Forrest is an XML publishing framework, it is not a web framework.

Our dependence on Cocoon is unnecessary and is restricting our
continued development since Cocoon is moving in different directions
these days, i.e. no CLI in Cocoon 2.2 so no way to move to true
blocks, so no way to become more usable.

The value in Forrest is our transformations.

Forrest 2 aims to leverage that value whilst adding flexibility to our
users to be able to use it in whatever environment they need (which
may be Cocoon, but may not be).


Who will do this? I'd love to say I will, but I am only one person and
right now I don't have the time or, to be honest, the inclination.
However, if we gather community support around whatever the concept of
Forrest2 becomes I could well be swayed.

I look forward to catching up on this discussion and hopefully helping
to build on whatever develops.


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