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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject direction of forrest
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 12:16:00 GMT
With limited spare time I've been struggling to figure out where/how
Forrest concerns me anymore.  I thought its relevance to me is waning.
 I thought its relevance in general may also be waning.   I mean, I
realize that Forrest has much more to offer, but still, I look at
projects like Exhibit[2] and wonder if we're on the wrong path.

There's been a number of emails that make me question whether that's
true or not.  We have some interesting code in Forrest2.  We have
Thorsten talking[1] about using PoJo/Spring in dispatcher.  We have
Ross beginning to integrate some Ajax-y code. We obviously discussed
much of this before the release but it was thought best to just put it
on the back-burner until after the release.  Unfortunately, after the
release, we seemed to focus on JIRA to answer "what's next"[3].  Now,
I've got nothing against JIRA, I just think we've got bigger "issues"
than those currently captured in JIRA.

So, I ask what's the future of forrest?  Is Forrest2 or some
derivative the answer?  Status Quo?

Disclaimer:  I've tried to follow most discussions in this area but
I've missed where this has already been addressed, I'll humbly accept
a link.  I also realize the energy drain that accompany these
questions but I just feel like we're dog-paddling around in the pool
right now because we don't have a clear bold direction pointed out.


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