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From "Sina K. Heshmati" <>
Subject Brainstorming on the Baetle Plugin
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 16:35:01 GMT
The development of the Baetle plugin was suspended [1] and the priority was given to
the SKOS plugin. Now, I think that the community could already start to brainstorm
around the design and development of the plugin in question. 

Meanwhile, I'm discussing [2] with Henry Story to setup standard procedures to extract data
from issue tracking systems (starting with JIRA), so that we'll be able to build our first
samples of the plugin.

The idea is to have a customizable Bug Dashboard for each project using Forrest. The Bug Dashboard
consists of an arbitrary number of widgets, each of them associated
with a specific search filter (content aggregation). What's more, Bug Widgets can communicate
with the XML web server asynchronously (AJAX) to respond to user's requests for information.
A simple and small, yet useful web-app, that is. 

Atlassian Software Systems may already have started/considered the development of an AJAX
based user interface for JIRA but this, IMO wouldn't question the existence of such a plugin.

I'll be waiting for Forrest community members --my GSoC project mentor, Ross in particular--
to share their thoughts about the development of the Baetle plugin.



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