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From David Crossley <>
Subject [Proposal] decide the future of forrestdoc
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:03:27 GMT
The Apache Forrest project needs to decide the future
of "forrestdoc":  trunk/whiteboard/forrestdoc/

When the Apache Jakarta Alexandria project became defunct,
this code was saved and given a home at Apache Forrest.
After some initial work, no development was done in the
subsequent years. There was some hope that it would be
turned into a Forrest plugin, but that has not eventuated.
The code is not used at all by 'forrest'.

See background

Recently the Apache Maven project expressed some interest [2].
There were some murmurs by two very busy Forrest developers.
However this did not spur the Forrest project to explore
what to do with the code.

It has no community built around it at Forrest.

I am concerned that the Forrest project is too thin to be
able to support this tool. We need to focus on our core
and our plugins.

Today Vincent provided some patches.

I am very concerned that this makes an obscure part of
Forrest whiteboard available in the Maven repositories,
while Forrest has no other presence there. This could
cause confusion for our main users.

I propose that Forrest ask the Maven project to take the
code as-is over to Maven JXR, then split it up as they see fit.

What do other Forrest developers think?


[2] Re: Forrestdoc and Maven JXR

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