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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject GSoC plugins and the Issue tracker
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:24:29 GMT
I'm going to be adding feature requests/bug reports to our issue
tracker with respect to the GSoC plugins. This mail is really for our
GSoC people, but may well be relevant to others new to open source

We use the issue tracker to help us track bugs and feature requests.
It is also used to help prioritise work and to indicate that someone
is working on a specific issue.

Adding something to the issue tracker is not an instruction for
someone to do the work described, it is merely a record that some work
needs to be done.

It is up to the Forrest community as a whole to ensure that issues
important to them get addressed. So, our GSoCers should not read the
notification from the issue tracker as an instruction to do  a
specific task. You should tackle the issues you feel are most

That being said, the priority assigned to an issue is a good indicator
of what we (your users) feel is an important issue. You should
certainly consider anything marked as major or above as being worth
tackling if your schedule allows.

We do not use the issue tracker to discuss the issue, that is what the
mailing list is for. We may link back to the list archives from the
issue tracker in order to ensure knowledge about an issue does not get

If you intend to an a feature, or you find a bug that you are not
going to deal with immediately you should add it to the issue tracker.
This ensures others are aware of the direction you intend to take and
prevents others having to report bugs you are already aware of.

OK, I'm off to the issue tracker now.


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