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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: Outline FOAF plugin
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 21:50:12 GMT
On 06/06/07, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> On 06/06/07, Oshani Seneviratne <> wrote:
> > I have created an outline FOAF plugin and attached the patch to a JIRA issue
> > FOR-1002 [1] . I would really appreciate if my mentor/co-mentor or any one
> > of the Forrest developers could take a look at it and comment.
> Fantastic, well done Oshani. I will have time to look over this later
> today if Gav or someone else does not beat me to it.

OK, Gav committed your code, here are my comments (I'm being picky,
it's the code I'm talking about, not your work. Unless we're picky
you'll never pick up on the best practice we have developed over the
years. If the reasoning for something doesn't make sense please be
sure to ask about it. Most of what we do should be sensible, but you
may be able to help us improve these processes.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you must keep status.xml up to
date. There are a number of reasons for this:

- it's how we generate the changes file and that's how our users
figure out whether or not to upgrade
- it's how you and other developers are credited with contribution to the plugin
- it's how developers understand what is happening in the code
- it forms part of the documentation (especially at release time)

Secondly, I'm afraid I couldn't get it to work. First off, your file indicated that the dispatcher plugins were to
be used, yet there was no definition of the dispatcher theme to be
used. you mention that you had problems with dispatcher and were now
working with the dispatcher. So I removed these entries.

I then found that there was a full duplication of all content in most
files. Looking at the patch you supplied this duplication was created
when you created the diff. I'm not sure how you managed this, I've
never seen it before. But you should get into the habit of reading the
diff before submitting it (and to be fair Gav made a mistake in
committing it without reviewing it properly - that's our job as

I went through and tidied these files up and committed them.

In summary - more attention to detail before submitting would save
other committers plenty of time.

You should keep a sharp eye on commits to the DOAP plugin. I'll be
making some core design changes when I get the time to do so. Whenever
you feel these changes are applicable to your FOAF plugin you should
follow these changes. The changes are based on experience using the
DOAP plugin in production. If you think they are a bad move then
please speak up.

Now, to your specific questions...

> > So, my question is, is this the expected way of letting the forrest build
> > know about a new plugin (at least until the plugin is registered in the
> > official plugin descriptor files)?
> That is an oversight in the documentation, it would be good if you
> could provide a patch to the docs.
> In this case you can add your entry directly to the whiteboard
> plugins.xml file as we will certainly be accepting your plugin into
> the whiteboard.

I've committed this to SVN. It would be really good if you could
clarify the documentation for us.

(are you subscribed to the svn@forrest? [4] you should be so that you
can see updates we make to your code)

> > 2. When I ran the 'ant test' target against the plugin, it failed saying
> > that there are broken links in the site. I found the culprit to be a couple
> > of @rdf:ID and  @rdf:resource elements I embedded in the xsl.
> >
> >  For example,  there's the following line in the foaf-to-document.xsl
> >  <a href="{foaf:homepage/@rdf:resource}"><xsl:value-of
> > select="foaf:homepage/@rdf:resource"/></a>
> >
> >  When Forrest renders this link it leads to a relative path like
> > "http://localhost:8888/homepage_url_given_in_foaf:homepage/@rdf:resource".
> >  How can we make it absolute, so that it will be linked to
> > "homepage_url_given_in_foaf:homepage/@rdf:resource" and not
> > the relative url as in above?
> I'll need to look at this in the code to see exactly what is
> happening, I understand the question, but not the context at present.
> perhaps you should raise an issue about this. I just added a new
> "Plugin: input.FOAF" component to JIRA for you.

OK, I see the problem now:

<foaf:schoolHomepage rdf:resource=""/>

This is not valid as far as I am aware. I believe an rdf:resource must
be a URI, which must include a scheme (i.e. http) (I'm no RDF expert
though). See [6]

> > 3.I was able to see the transformation I intended with the xsl at
> > http://localhost:8888/personDetails.xml (in one of these
> > forrest's internal doc forms I believe). However, when I point my browser to
> > http://localhost:8888/personDetails.html, I could only see
> > a blank page with the default forrest skin applied. The content was missing!
> > Now, how is this page generated? Is the
> > FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/sitemap.xmap responsible for
> > generating this html page?
> Yes. The document at [3] should help understand the process, in
> particular see the section "Understanding the HTML-Pipeline"
> > More importantly, what changes should I make to get those content from the
> > transformed FOAF into that html?

First observation is that your XDoc returned by
http://localhost:8888/personDetails.xml is not a valid XDoc file. For
example, it includes <h1> elements which are not valid - see [5].

Secondly, it is given the namespace of,
which is obviously incorrect. This is because your XSL uses a defaul
XHTML namespace.


> >  [1]
> > [2]
> >
> >
> [3]


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