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From llamar burgess <>
Subject Re: howto get cocoon-2.2.0-dev?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 16:21:47 GMT
David Crossley schrieb:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> llamar burgess wrote:
>>> According to
>>> forrest is now "...using their SVN r351990 on 2005-12-08..." of
>>> cocoon/trunk.
>>> So i tried to check out revision 351990 of cocoon/trunk, which works
>>> fine for the basic components,
>>> but as far as i can tell, there??re problems checking out external
>>> targets i.e.
>>> Error URL: '' doesn??t exist
>> Oh drat. At one stage they used "svn externals" for some
>> blocks to share them with Cocoon 2.1 branch. I wonder if
>> that is the problem.
> I have not tried a fresh checkout of that revision
> and i am not sure that the "externals' is the problem.
> We need to find all the places in that r351990 that used
> to use 'svn externals'. Then i gather that we can get the
> 'svn checkout' to ignore the externals
Yes, that should do it but an issue then is, that i dont know how many 
are in this revision at all. The checkout quits after the first error. 
But there are
other problems besides the blocks (the cocoon build script actually 
fails because it cant locate
the gump descriptor (\src\gump\module.xml). So i supposed there must be 
other parts missing as well).

To follow each error that comes up could be a intense task when, on the 
other hand any
working version of cocoon would do fine for me (as long as it works 
together with forrest) .
That is, why i came up with the question to the list.
I just hoped there would be a solution as easy as "download and use"  :)
> Perhaps these are blocks that Forrest does not use.
> Otherwise i wonder if we can get the relevant
> blocks from the current Cocoon-2.1 branch SVN.
That was my thought too. I copied the blocks from a cocoon 2.1.7 dist 
But then the gump prob (see above) came up and i could not find out if 
it works.
(By now I now tried with a module.xml from cocoon-2.1.7 but the blocks 
did not work...)
> The other alternatives are to help us get the
> current Cocoon 2.2 working with current Forrest trunk,
I saw that the first RC for 2.2 is up and read that it will be based on 
a spring container.
That sounds pretty cool to me and i look forward to check it out. But 
then i do not know too
much about this so i am afraid i would not be a real help to you guys.
> or try to integrate the current Cocoon 2.1 branch,
My purpose is to integrate some stuff into forrest, that i wrote in 
Cocoon-2.1.10 which uses the database and
authentication block. I just went for r351990 because i thought it would 
be the easiest way.
> or start to work on another proposal to separate from
> Cocoon. There is recent discussion in our dev archives.
> I can provide some tips for searching if you want.
Sure that would be nice - i do not mind to much how it works, as long as 
it works :)
> -David
Thank you very much for your help David!

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