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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-605) CSS enhancements needed for MOTD area inside Table of Contents
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 07:28:47 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Ok, so 550036 has moved MOTD to the left and removed relative positioning.
> It looks much better than it did and does not overlap content.
> Where it was floated right, it caused all sorts of issues, not easily
> fixed due to the fact that MOTD and/or surrounding content divs and classes
> could be optionally added/removed at any time. There is as far as I can see
> no good all round fix for this, taking browser sizes, browser versions and 
> screen resolutions into account. The current fix works fine for all those
> but may not 'look' as good as if it were prevalent on the right side.

It is a shame. The original right-hand position was also
trying to utilise the whitespace at the right of the
Table Of Contents (ToC). Option #1 has even more wasted space.

> I do have one idea to improve the look and keep it where it is on the
> left, hopefully being an agreed final fix for this MOTD position.
> I would like to propose that we create a new MOTD class in the same
> style as .note, .warning and .fixme. We'll give it a unique color from
> the rest but will be displayed in exactly the same way, from the left going
> as far across the screen as necessary, with a title section and content
> section the same as .note etc.
> We can call it .information with 'Information' being the default label for
> the top part which can be over-ridden with your own label, the MOTD on the
> current forrest index page would instead use this with a label of 'Latest
> release 0.8', the content area then having '18 April 2007 Forrest-0.8
> released: Features the Locationmap. (More)'

There is no configuration for the "label" attribute.
Perhaps just use a concise box with slightly bigger
border on all sides, using the existing colours.

> I'll do a mock up in a test-sample site and attach the graphic to this issue
> if you like but I'm sure you know what I mean.
> So we have choices :-
> 1. Keep it as I have changed it to currently - to the left and still the
> traditional MOTD.

It wasn't a "traditional look". It was just a hack to fix
the docs during the 0.7 release. No effort was spent on
the look. I would prefer it to be more prominent CSS emphasis.

> 2. Create a new version of MOTD in the style of .note etc -- still keeping
> the same way that we apply the MOTD, just the style changes.

I reckon that it would be too bulky and not stand
out sufficiently.

> 3. Revert and try something else, but it will be difficult to get it right
> and keep it right for all scenarios. The above two will work in all
> scenarios.
> 4. Something else.
> Thoughts ?

Remember that these MOTD notes are intended to be
very short. The content needs to also be able to
fit into the bottom of the left-hand panel.

We are already utilising the space to the right
of the Title for Font Size and alternate formats,
so cannot put it there. 

There are a number of pieces of "top matter".
a) Title and its right-hand friends seem fine as-is.
b) Optional header/abstract is shown above the ToC.

Would it be possible to have a div for this second set?
Then perhaps include the "motd" to the right-hand side.
It should then collapse gracefully if those two
pieces of content are missing. FLW.

This is probably how i should have done it to
start with, but was in a rush at the time.


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