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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Plugin OpenOffice.Org> missing CSS classes P1..Pn (unsolved)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 06:57:20 GMT
On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 22:33 -0700, fizoblon wrote:
> yes, it works with the OpenDocument-Input Plugin (your second Link), because
> that plugin is using static classes linke strong or codefrag to realize such
> formattings. These classes are defined in skin/profile.css.

Hmm, I have not used the OO plugin myself very much but I just looked
again at the sample http://localhost:8888/samples/openoffice-writer.html
and there bold, italic and some other (like code, warning,...).

> program code sample (Source of your 2nd link)
> but the OpenOffice-Input-Plugin seems not to use the same way. I suppose the
> classes are generated dynamically, depending by the order of the using of
> the different formattings:

It depends on the style you apply in OO.

> ..
> <p class="P3">
> Bold text
> </p>
> ..          (source of your first link)

I am not sure about that, seems that someone changed it the wrong way,
since the above link shows that it is working fine.

> This Class 'P3' would be 'P1' if we use it first and before the other
> formattings, as you can see
> in my source form the first message of this thread:
> <p class="P1">bold</p>
> <p class="instruction">Italic</p>
> <p class="P3">underline</p> 
> ------------------------
> But these classes (up to "<p class="P11">Courier New 10 pkt Blocksatz") are
> not defined, 
> not in any css-file and not in the html-source where they should belong
> because they may be 
> different from file to file.

That is why we have forrest specific style definitions in the samples,
but bold and italic are working fine.

> do I have any influences in the plugin that it takes other classes?

Actually I just test it again and it seems that oo2 is responsible for
the problems you report. You are using oo2, right? Did you try with oo1?

> As I said above: this affects not only italic, bold or underline; it is 80%
> of the plugins capability.
> http://ecs.ksweb.loc/docroot/build/site/samples/index.html
> http://ecs.ksweb.loc/docroot/build/site/samples/index.html 
> nearly all of my input from OpenOffice is formatted with theese
> P1..Pn-Classes in the 
> output-source as you can see in my example. 
> the standard css-files are loaded properly, that is not the reason.
> it looks like a heavy bug, which I can't imagine, because the plugin would
> be useless and not released, or there is something totally wrong in my
> inputfiles from

Please test with oo1 and report a bug to our issue tracker that the
plugin is compatible with oo1 but not with oo2. Seems that oo2 saves the
styles and formating differently for sxw.

> ...more ideas?

If you use oo2, then use the odt plugin.

Thorsten Scherler                       
Open Source Java                      consulting, training and solutions

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