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From fizoblon <>
Subject Re: Plugin OpenOffice.Org> missing CSS classes P1..Pn (unsolved)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 05:33:32 GMT

yes, it works with the OpenDocument-Input Plugin (your second Link), because
that plugin is using static classes linke strong or codefrag to realize such
formattings. These classes are defined in skin/profile.css.

program code sample (Source of your 2nd link)

but the OpenOffice-Input-Plugin seems not to use the same way. I suppose the
classes are generated dynamically, depending by the order of the using of
the different formattings:

<p class="P3">
Bold text
..          (source of your first link)

This Class 'P3' would be 'P1' if we use it first and before the other
formattings, as you can see
in my source form the first message of this thread:

<p class="P1">bold</p>
<p class="instruction">Italic</p>
<p class="P3">underline</p> 


But these classes (up to "<p class="P11">Courier New 10 pkt Blocksatz") are
not defined, 
not in any css-file and not in the html-source where they should belong
because they may be 
different from file to file.

do I have any influences in the plugin that it takes other classes?

As I said above: this affects not only italic, bold or underline; it is 80%
of the plugins capability.

nearly all of my input from OpenOffice is formatted with theese
P1..Pn-Classes in the 
output-source as you can see in my example. 
the standard css-files are loaded properly, that is not the reason.

it looks like a heavy bug, which I can't imagine, because the plugin would
be useless and not released, or there is something totally wrong in my
inputfiles from

...more ideas?
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