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From "Oshani Seneviratne" <>
Subject Re: Not long to GSOC start.
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 19:51:02 GMT

First of all apologies for not responding to this thread any sooner. I am
having my university exams these days, and as a result I was a bit behind
with my emails.

Have you both got Forrest installed and working satisfactory
> to your liking?

Yes, I have got it installed, and I have been playing around with some of
the plugins (especially the DOAP plugin).

Have you encountered any possible problems thus far?

With regards to running and using Forrest - no. But when I start coding, I
am sure I would have tons of problems to clarify.

Is there anything you need or would like to know before you
> begin your projects?

At the moment - no.  I will definitely ask on the list if I need to know
something. Thank you very much for asking.

I realise that although there are general GSOC guidelines and
> deadlines, as far as Forrest is concerned, you can work more
> or less to your own schedules, so may not start right away, I
> just wanted to be sure you are both happy and ready to go.

As soon as my exams are over in mid June, I will be totally committed to the
SoC project. Until then, I am hoping to learn about Forrest as much as I

As your co/mentor I am looking forward to working with you as
> are the rest of the Forrest Community, so shout up when you
> have any questions or ideas etc.

Thank you Gav, Ross and rest of the Forrest Community!


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