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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (SOLR-238) [Patch] The tutorial on our website is against trunk which causes confusion by user
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 22:21:14 GMT

: To understand it right you would like to build the site with forrest and
: in the build appears the version number and the name of the dis (ant
: property ${fullnamever}) of the tutorial.

actually, i was just wondering about generic property replacement when
converting from the raw source docs to the HTML/PDF docs using a proeprty
file ... i was assuming this file could be generated by the build.xml --
so even if ant isn't what kicks off forrest (we currently don't have it
setup that way) forrest would load the key/value mappings from a property file
generated by the last ant build.

: One idea was for me to use a filter with the copy task that e.g.
: @fullnamever@ will be substitute with ${fullnamever}. The problem is
: that would not be substituted then on the live website.

the live site is currently upated manually by developers, anytime a change
is commited to the site dir ... so we can make sure the site is updated
anytime it needs to be if there is a simple process.  but in general i'm
not excited by the prospect of solving this problem using an ant copy
filter because that doesn't help when deves are previewing how the site
will look using forrest, as you say ...

: One could replace step
: 2 of "Website update steps" with a target that is doing the filtering
: for you. Then in "forrest run" you would find @fullnamever@ but after
: building the site and using the copy target with filtering true you have
: the variable substituted. The problem is that the nightly builds would

that's why i was hoping forrest had a variable substitution mechanism
built into it that could just read from some file that we have ant

: need to build as well the documentation with forrest. Letting forrest do
: the substitution and import forrest targets into the solr build.xml is a
: similar approach but then you have an even bigger dependency on forrest.

as i say, i don't think the build.xml needs to depend on Solr (the nightly
builds don't currently regen the site) ... we just need the build.xml to
produce a property file or something like it (easy to do) and we need
forrest to read that file and fill in variables with the values it finds.

is there something like that in forrest?


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