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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject Re: Not long to GSOC start.
Date Sun, 27 May 2007 22:38:23 GMT
Good to hear back from you both.

Remember you both have certain commitments to the GSoC programme with
respect to deliverables and deadlines. This is not the normal way of
doing things in open source, but unfortunately we are, to an extent,
governed by the rules of the GSoC itself.

It is partly because of this that we encouraged you to set your own
deadlines, you have full knowledge of your commitments with respect to

It is important not to disappear completely. During your exams, take a
little time to become a part of the community. Work with Forrest for a
short amount of time each day, do some work towards your early
milestones. Ping the list with your idea, successes, failures etc. In
other words give us a "heart beat" just to let us know things are
ticking over.

Don't be concerned about showing loads of progress, we understand your
other commitments, we just need to see that you are working to the
schedule you set in your proposals.

For our part, we will start threads as appropriate to help lead your
discussion on this list in these early days. Try and find the time to
address the threads we start. Don't worry if this takes you a few days
to do so, just be sure to reply when you have time in your exam


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