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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Skin plugin
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 09:06:56 GMT
le 23/04/2007 06:01 David Crossley a écrit :
> Brian M Dube wrote:
>> Is anyone working on moving skins to a plugin? I'm going to have a go at it.
> Fantastic. Yes we have talked about this before.
> Thank heaven that we documented this. I was very pleased
> to see
> where we talk about a future framework to enable any
> "theme engine". We even link to a mail discussion.
> I still need to re-read that.
> Moving the skins functionality out is one aspect
> of cleaning up the core.
> So i hope that various developers can help with this.
> It is in everyone's interest, even if they don't
> want to use skins. We need to slim our core.
> I am not yet clear about your main aim. Is it to move
> the existing functionality out of the core and leave it
> at that (a legacy system)? Or is it to create a framework
> as described above which would enable future development
> of skins functionality as well as dispatcher.
I think you are talking about the two steps we need to climb.
First let's extract skin functionnality into a plugin and then it will 
be clearer in our mind to create the framework.
> I would be keen to help with either.
> I am also trying to gauge whether there is community
> inclination to support further skins development.
I will not help on skin development any more - but I will help on the 
extraction of the core !

>> I'm thinking of emulating the dispatcher to have a plugin for skin 
>> functionality and a plugin to house the skins. This also got me thinking 
>> about a separate plugin for each skin.
> I like the idea about a separate plugin for the
> skins functionality. Not sure yet what would go there.
> I presume this would be the "skinit" pipelines from
> the main/webapp/*.xmap sitemaps. These have become rather
> complex and might need to be re-written.
> Not sure what to do about the different skins.
> There would be a similar discussion in the archives about
> when the Dispatcher work established the f.a.o.themes.core
> plugin.
> Would there be equivalent to the current skins/common/ ?
I think that the way the dispatcher has been implemented can help :
One plugin is the core - org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.dispatcher,
And one houses the different look and feel - org.apache.forrest.themes.core
(Which at the moment contains three themes : common, pelt and coat)

The skin should OMHO have the same architecture :
One plugin for the generation and one plugin with all skins just like 
dispatcher themes.

>> Thoughts?
> Here are some more quick thoughts ...
> Let us continue to express our needs for a little
> while on this dev list, before launching into the
> actual development.
> There is some of the current skins stuff that can be
> re-used, while some aspects might need to be re-designed.
> Perhaps the first version would just move the existing stuff.
> I am not clear about the best approach. If we need
> to change some of the way skins work, then should we
> make a clean implementation and create a new skin that
> closely resembles the default "pelt" skin? We have warned
> people to be careful about creating their own skins.
> Are we able to support older style skins? On the other hand
> perhaps the existing functionality is fine to create a new
> skins framework via plugins.
Ok, just to finish, this work must be planned in Jira to be able to 
breakdown the work.
Some issues may be used and grouped in a roadmap - if we change the some 
Here are some I have found, maybe I missed some others :


> -David

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