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From CFAS Webmaster <>
Subject Re: leading slash in site URLs (FOR-677)
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:22:42 GMT

  It's possible, I haven't looked at FOR-677.  Honestly, I've been able 
to dedicate so little time to the CFAS site over the past few months 
that I've completely ignored the build errors until yesterday.  I 
hesitated to put anything into JIRA right now since I don't think these 
items should impact 0.8's release, but I probably would have left them 
for a while if I hadn't.

  I'm re-running forrest on the site, so I'll have numbers for you in 
about 7 minutes ;)  Here's the last two lines from the forrest output:

* [1513/2]  [0/0]     0.499s 10.4Kb  
Total time: 5 minutes 41 seconds,  Site size: 7,002,813 Site pages: 834

A find |wc -l on site/build comes up with 1008 files, but there are some 
items there that forrest doesn't create and probably quite a few 
remnants of things tested and subsequently ignored.

I'll take a look at FOR-677 when I return home from work tonight.


David Crossley wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Paul Kronenwetter (JIRA) wrote:
>>>                  URL:
>>> ...Errors seen in broken-links.xml:
>>>   <link message="No pipeline matched request: solar/AstrovidSun.thumb.jpg"
>>> solar/AstrovidSun.thumb.jpg">
>>>     <referrer uri="wholesite.html"/>
>>>     <referrer uri="/wholesite.html"/>
>>>     <referrer uri="/site.html"/>
>>>     <referrer uri="site.html"/>
>>>   </link>
>> Paul, a side-issue different to the Gallery one
>> that you are describing.
> Not a side-effect, rather that i noticed an unrelated
> issue in your description.
> -David
>> You might be suffering from
>> "leading slash in gathered URIs causes double
>> the number of links to be processed"
>> Does the 'forrest site' report roughly double the
>> number of documents being processed, i.e. compare that
>> with the number of docs generated under build/site.
>> -David

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