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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [headsup] problem with preparing rc1 - help please.
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 16:00:34 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>>> I notice that there is a different size with the jar
>>>>> that gets packed for the release ...
>>>>> [forrest-trunk-release]$ ls -l build/xml-forrest.jar build/dist/shbat/build/xml-forrest.jar

>>>>> 67164 Apr 10 22:34 build/dist/shbat/build/xml-forrest.jar
>>>>> 66577 Apr 10 22:33 build/xml-forrest.jar
>>>> This is very strange. All that happened in the "dist-shbat"
>>>> target is that the Ant "copy" task copied the build/xml-forrest.jar
>>>> to that dist location.
>>> Ah, i made the "dist-shbat" target pause with an "input"
>>> task, copied the jar over by hand, then let it proceed
>>> after the copy.
>>> Something mangles the jar later in the process.
>>> Looking ...
>> Found it.
>> I had added "fixcrlf" tasks so that we didn't need
>> to build the release on two different operating systems.
>> It was wrecking the jar file.
>> Doing 'forrest run' works for me now.
>> However, there are some images that are mangled too.
>> I thought that "fixcrlf" would only touch text files,
>> but no.
>> So i think that we need to go back to how we built
>> the packages in the past.
>> Would a committer on Windows (preferably have a well-connected
>> PGP key) please get ready to build the release.
>> Get a fresh trunk checkout and have Java 1.4
>> I will help you with the next steps.
> Actually hold that.
> There is a reasonably small set of binary filename
> extensions. I could try excluding them too from the
> fixcrlf task.
> Surely other projects don't need to jump through
> such hoops. Do they worry about line-endings?
> I am tempted to just build the first release
> candidate without the fixcrlf and see what happens.
> Does anyone have an opinion on that? Need to make
> a decision quickly.

I'm not in a position to build windows version on the machine I am 
currently using as I can't put JDK1.4 on it. However, I can test (and 
quickly) a build you do on this machine (windows XP Pro, JDK 1.5)

I can put JDK 1.4 on my home machine but I've given that to my wife so 
not sure when I can lay my hands on it.


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