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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Skin plugin
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 04:01:28 GMT
Brian M Dube wrote:
> Is anyone working on moving skins to a plugin? I'm going to have a go at it.

Fantastic. Yes we have talked about this before.

Thank heaven that we documented this. I was very pleased
to see
where we talk about a future framework to enable any
"theme engine". We even link to a mail discussion.
I still need to re-read that.

Moving the skins functionality out is one aspect
of cleaning up the core.

So i hope that various developers can help with this.
It is in everyone's interest, even if they don't
want to use skins. We need to slim our core.

I am not yet clear about your main aim. Is it to move
the existing functionality out of the core and leave it
at that (a legacy system)? Or is it to create a framework
as described above which would enable future development
of skins functionality as well as dispatcher.

I would be keen to help with either.

I am also trying to gauge whether there is community
inclination to support further skins development.

> I'm thinking of emulating the dispatcher to have a plugin for skin 
> functionality and a plugin to house the skins. This also got me thinking 
> about a separate plugin for each skin.

I like the idea about a separate plugin for the
skins functionality. Not sure yet what would go there.
I presume this would be the "skinit" pipelines from
the main/webapp/*.xmap sitemaps. These have become rather
complex and might need to be re-written.

Not sure what to do about the different skins.
There would be a similar discussion in the archives about
when the Dispatcher work established the f.a.o.themes.core

Would there be equivalent to the current skins/common/ ?

> Thoughts?

Here are some more quick thoughts ...

Let us continue to express our needs for a little
while on this dev list, before launching into the
actual development.

There is some of the current skins stuff that can be
re-used, while some aspects might need to be re-designed.

Perhaps the first version would just move the existing stuff.

I am not clear about the best approach. If we need
to change some of the way skins work, then should we
make a clean implementation and create a new skin that
closely resembles the default "pelt" skin? We have warned
people to be careful about creating their own skins.
Are we able to support older style skins? On the other hand
perhaps the existing functionality is fine to create a new
skins framework via plugins.


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