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From David Crossley <>
Subject locale issue with seed site demo
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 07:10:14 GMT
Gav... wrote:
> <quote who="Ferdinand Soethe">
> > Just did a bit of research in the locale issue with seed side:
> >
> > Turning off project.i18n (to false) in would fix the
> > issue in both static and dynamic versions of the seed side.
> >
> > Any chance to change that in the release or is that a nono without doing
> > an RC3?
> I think it is way to late to change that now, see Davids SVN commits today.

Yep, explained in the other reply.

Would someone please describe the issue in our Jira.

> There are issues in the tracker regarding i18n, some of it has been
> started but related issues not followed up, so I agree these if possible
> should be sorted for the next 0.9 release.

Recently various people have worked on i18n.
See the dev list for discussion about changing
the seed site demo.

See localhost:8888/samples/i18n.html
which also refers to some of the list discussion
via FOR-707.

The demo and documentation need to be enhanced.

As Gavin said, there are some outstanding issues
in Jira, see the Component: Internationalisation (i18n).


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