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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Welcome to Apche Forrest as part of GSoC
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2007 00:01:53 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I'd like to welcome Oshani Wasana Seneviratne and Sina Khakbaz Heshmati 
> to Apache Forrest as part of this years Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Great. Welcome.

> The GSoC is unusual as a community building device in that there is an 
> external incentive for contribution (i.e. cash they won't get unless 
> they contribute). Nevertheless, others are here because they have some 
> external incentive. For me, it is a small part of my day job and hence I 
> too get paid to be here, ranted, I tend to be here quite alot out of 
> office hours too - but that's because I've learnt what a great thing 
> community driven software is. It is therefore the job of existing 
> community members to try and teach the value of community development to 
>  Oshani and Sina.
> So, the first thing to learn about community development is there should 
> be no private discussion regarding the project. Therefore, this is the 
> last email I will send to either of your private addresses. You both 
> need to subscribe to the relevant mailing lists [1] and reply to this 
> mail once you are subscribed.
> Note, mails about GSoC can be sent privately to your mentor if you prefer

Yes, we cannot emphasise this enough.

Among the other benefits, this enables the whole
community to share the load of supporting. Not just
leaving it to the designated mentors.

More eyes also helps to keep people on-track,
even the mentors some times.

Of course, the community also gets to see and
participate in the evolving solution.

> Officially GSoC does not start until next month. However, Apache Forrest 
> really could use your help right now. We have a release candidate being 
> tested for release. Having you install and test it, along with the rest 
> of the community, would be great. If you have time and inclination 
> please let us know on the dev list and we'll point you to the right 
> information.
> What to do next?
> The first thing you need to do is get to grips with the way we do things 
> around here. A good place to start is [2].

Ross might already be going to follow up with
this additional stuff, but anyway ...

It is also good to become familiar with the general
ASF documentation for developers [3]. There is stacks
of resources and explanation of processes. Don't get lost.

Don't take it as the whole truth either. As with all docs,
including Forrest's, they can be out-of-date, incomplete,
and incorrect. Much information is available in the
various mail archives,

The "How the ASF works" is also extremely useful [4].

Bear in mind that each project can do things in their
own way, while still being consistent with ASF ideals.
Each project should have guidelines for all of us developers.
Ours are here [5].

> Please do not be shy. We understand you are new to Forrest and our 
> development model. We were all new to it once. Please ask questions, we 
> will answer as fully as time allows (often pointing at docs for you to 
> read as background).

Even wonky questions are fine. They give opportunity
for others to explain obscure things, and so explanations
become available in the mail archives. So please do
search the mail lists and our docs. With such a small
community we do need to try to keep the level down
(says me, waffling on).


> It would be *really* helpful if you could start writing a FAQ about 
> getting started as a Forrest developer (perhaps your first question 
> would be how - or perhaps you can find it in our docs, it is there ;-)
> Finally, you are here to enjoy yourselves, so have fun!
> Ross and Gavin
> GSoC Mentors for Apache Forrest
> [1]
> [2]

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