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From David Crossley <>
Subject preparing text for the announcement
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 06:55:48 GMT
I have commenced the text that will be used for
the announcement of the release. Help please.

The release notes in /etc directory of the package
were generated from the "important" entries in the
list of changes. From those, i extracted the most
important to add to the announcement text below.

The main item is "locationmap". I also manually added
some other items about plugins taking avantage of locationmap,
moving some core functionality to plugins, re-arrangement
of the documentation so that existing users don't wonder
where it has gone.

I considered adding this other item about whiteboard
and encouraging developers. IIUC, we need to be careful
about the words, as we cannot instruct people outside the
dev list to download such stuff.
* Developers will find that many new plugins have been
started in the whiteboard/plugins section. We would like to
take this opportunity to encourage new developers to assist.

What do other people think? Is there better text
for this or the items below? Any other items?


Here is the current body of text ...

[snipped top part: the standard "What is it" blurb]

New features in this version include:

* Locationmaps define the mapping from requests to locations,
which enables content and resources to be located at various
different sources. The advantage of this is that the URL seen
by the user need bear no relation to the location of the source
document, thus Forrest can separate the client URL space from
the source document URL space. Thus, using the locationmap
it is possible to pull together documents from many different
locations into a single uniform site.In addition, since the
user URL space is now unconnected to the source URL space it is 
possible to move source documents without breaking any existing
user links.

* Existing core plugins and sitemaps have been refactored to 
take advantage of locationmaps. Some core functionality has 
moved to plugins.

* Some new documents to explain certain core aspects.
Documentation menu navigation changed to provide clearer
structure for Forrest project versioned product documentation
grouped into howto and background sections. Better layout of
the Developers tab into Getting Involved, Resources (mail lists,
SVN, Issue Tracker) and Best Practices sections. See also the
"linkmap" for an automated Table of Contents ability.

Full list of changes:
See also lists of changes in each plugin's documentation.

Upgrade guide:

Thanks for your interest, from the Apache Forrest community.

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