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From David Crossley <>
Subject [Vote] please test release candidate and vote
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 17:46:01 GMT
We need people to test the release candidate on your projects,
especially on different operating systems and Java version.
Send a short reply to this thread that it works for you.
See method below.

Download the release candidate and supporting files:

For Windows get *.zip md5sum aa7b786b3586fe7a6e131052c8e213f2
For UNIX get *.tar.gz md5sum a593dbb1c04ff20dfd318063997d65db
Get the *.asc and *.md5 that match your chosen download.

It was packed from SVN revision 527170.

Java 1.4 or later is required.

Testing and vote period concludes Monday 2007-04-16 at 22:00 UTC [2].
Anyone can test and vote, not just PMC members.
However only the PMC votes are binding [3].

When voting, quote the md5sum to ensure that we are all
using the correct release candidate package. The votes
need to happen against the final release package.

PMC members need to satisfy themselves that the actual
final release package meets the ASF principles.

Please wait with voting until towards the end of the
week, as we may need to build a second release candidate
if there are any changes to the code or documentation [1].

During this week we do need to hear about successes
or failures. Please report your operating system
and Java versions and Jetty/Tomcat versions.

So we have approximately 6 days.

Here are some hints:

  * Verfiy the release, especially if you are a committer.
  * Ensure that the compressed archive will unpack properly.
  * Follow the README.txt and index.html
  * Set $FORREST_HOME and $PATH appropriately.
  * Try it with different Java versions.
  * Try it with different versions of Apache Tomcat or Jetty.
  * Many known issues are already recorded at our Jira.
  * Don't worry too much about minor bugs. We are looking
    for blockers, such as it will not run.
  * Please add other discovered issues to Jira.

* Make a fresh site ...
    cd my-new-dir
    forrest seed
    forrest run ... use the local jetty server.
    forrest ... build the whole site from the command-line.
    forrest war ... use your own full Jetty or Tomcat.

* Try it on the Forrest core docs ...
    cd site-author
    forrest run

* Forrest was already pre-built. Try building it again.
    cd main
    build clean
    build test

* Try it on your own project, especially if you have
  a project sitemap and use some extra plugins.

* If you are a user of forrestbot then try that.

* Try building and installing the forrestbar.

[1] create final release candidate
Saturday 2007-04-14 at 22:00 UTC

[2] end of vote on final release candidate and commence the upload phase
Monday 2007-04-16 at 22:00 UTC

[3] "A lazy majority vote requires
3 binding +1 votes and more binding +1 votes than -1 votes".

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