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From David Crossley <>
Subject [headsup] website not updated due to group permissions
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2007 02:21:52 GMT
Ross, please try again. Otherwise ask infrastructure@ for help.

The files still have write perms only you.

Also there is trouble with .svn directories, e.g. plugins/0.7

The cronjob has not been able to update the website
for many days now. I need to get it done before the code-freeze.


>>However there is still the group permissions problem.
>>Please do:
>>cd /www/
>>chgrp -R forrest *
>Really? Then my umask setting still doesn't work. Strange.
>I've done the chgrp and checked my umask setting again. Perhaps I forgot
>to logout and back in again when I set it last and "fixed" the SVN stuff.
>Thanks (once again) for following in my tracks.

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