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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [headsup] recent change in broken link handling
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 11:51:41 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >The handling of broken site: links has recently changed.
> >
> >It used to report the link as BROKEN in the site build
> >and write its details to the broken-links.xml file.
> >
> >Now it generates a file called error_site_$linkname
> >with the "No pipeline matched request:" info inside it.
> >
> >I wonder if it is related to the recent change in
> >error handling for the locationmap.
> I think it probably is a side effect of the error handling. And not (in 
> its current form) a good one.

Note for the archives: See FOR-701 and r521063.

> I'm guessing it happens because now, when there is an error, Cocoon 
> traps it and creates a file describing the error. The crawler must be 
> treating this as a proper page.
> So, before the code freeze we need to decide what to do:
> 1) revert the error handling which will give us meaningless locationmap 
> errors, but will give a meaningful broken-links.xml file
> 2) Improve the generated error page to be more user friendly and show 
> the error in a graceful way, this will make the user experience better 
> if a broken site is deployed, but will make the admins job harder
> 3) A mix of 1) and 2) in which we generate a nice user error page and we 
> use the SourceWritingTransformer to provide meaningful output for the admin.
> 4) ?
> Thoughts?


Better locationmap error messages are more important,
because that can be complex to debug.

Perhaps a way out for now is to describe the issue
in Jira, add a note to the upgrading_08.html doc, and
add to the end of the "site" ant target to scan the
build directory to list any error_site_* files.

That is not as good as the previous broken link handling
because it doesn't list the referring pages.

Another big issue is that we now do not get a "Build failed"
message when there is a linking error.


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