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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: Eclipse and forrest.
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:54:56 GMT

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> From: Ross Gardler []
> Sent: Tuesday, 17 April 2007 7:33 PM
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> Subject: Re: Eclipse and forrest.
> Gav.... wrote:
> > I downloaded the latest Eclipse all-in-one package [1] that contains
> > everything we need.
> ...
> > 1. Workspace, do you point to the forrest trunk as your workspace or
> > somewhere standalone.
> That's up to you. I'll tell you my setup - that works for me.
> I have all public source code in:
> ~/projects
> Inside there I have loads of project folders, the forrest ones are:
> ~/project/forrest-trunk
> ~/project/forrest-ivy-branch
> ~/project/apache-forrest-0.8
> My eclipse workbench is set at
> ~/project
> I then use "working sets" to narrow down the projects I see at any one
> time (see eclipse help docs for that, but if you only have a handful of
> projects then you don't need to worry about it).
> If you already have the sources checked out into your workbench folder
> then simply  create a new project in your workbench and give the new
> project the same name as the existing folder, i.e. "forrest-trunk".
> Eclipse will spot there is already src here and work through an import
> wizard with your.

I did point to my working trunk which I use with SVN, I didn't like the fact
that eclipse then created a few more folders of its own inside my forrest
SVN tree, could get messy. I'd rather not have versioned/unversioned stuff
mixed up like that. This was the main reason for this question, thought
I'd messed it up big time.

The confusing thing for me then is, how do I work on trunk and debug it and
update it etc whilst the workspace is pointing somewhere else, or is this a
RTFM concidering I only installed it today? (I'm impatient, but that's
hardly your problem). Or maybe, I do need this mixture of svn trunk and
eclipse ?

> > 2. Do you use the subclipse plugin to use SVN, if not, how do you keep
> > Eclipse upto date with trunk.
> Subclipse is OK for updating from SVN, but I don't like it for
> committing changes. It seems to get all tied up in knots far too often
> and the GUI makes it too easy to make mistakes.
> I use subclipse to update and for working with diffs, but I've switched
> back to using the command line for committing.

Thanks, makes sense.

> > 3. Do you use it without the forrest eclipse plugin to debug & work with
> > forrest or with -- as far as I can see the forrest plugin only does a
> few
> > simple actions -- but then I still haven't got that part working yet.
> No. The eclipse plugin is unmaintained and the project I created it for
> is now dead (well, they claim to be active but there has been no public
> activity for years).
> I have plans in this direction, but that is for post release discussion.

Ok, so forget the Eclipse forrest plugin for now then, no problem.

> > 4. Do you build your projects using eclipse.
> No, I use the command line for that, you could though.
> If you promise to document this (however roughly), I promise to carry on
> asking your questions.

Thanks Ross, very much appreciated (and somehow knew it would be you yet
again to answer my questions)

Yes,  I will gladly do a document on getting eclipse installed and forrest
installed into that. there are some docs around already that I have been
looking at, so can amalgamate/update those.


> Ross
> > [1] -
> >
> 2007020820
> > 48/
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