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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: Welcome to Apche Forrest as part of GSoC
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:30:27 GMT

>From: Schumarer [] 
>Sent: Monday, 16 April 2007 8:54 PM
>Subject: Re: Welcome to Apche Forrest as part of GSoC

>> It would be *really* helpful if you could start writing a FAQ about
>> getting started as a Forrest developer (perhaps your first question
>> would be how - or perhaps you can find it in our docs, it is there ;-)

>(whispering) I wanted to ask that question but I was so shy that I didn't
dare to. Now, you just lead me the way.(whispering) >
>Are you (developers) using an IDE to develop Forrest? How do you test that
your feature is working? Which langage? 
>Does any Forrest source editor exist or we have to use our own xml editor ?
>I've got a lot of questions about forrest but as I'm a new user i dare not
ask them 

As is said occasionally, a stupid question is one that is never asked :), so
please, ask away whenever you feel like it.

At the moment I just use Vim (vi modified) for Windows. And then the dos
command line for building,running etc.
I then use Forrestbot for FTP'ing sites to ISP webspace, and also to publish

Your question spurred me into having a try at using Eclipse, which looks a
right pain to get right for forrest, but once done
I think it should save quite a bit of time in debugging possible problems.


> Finally, you are here to enjoy yourselves, so have fun! 
> Ross and Gavin
> GSoC Mentors for Apache Forrest

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