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From C.Grobmeier <>
Subject RT: Commandline conversion
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:42:52 GMT

Hi all,

we now use Forrest here at my latest project for software documentation. Before i brought
up Forrest, the guys here used word documents. There is no plugin at the moment for word,
but with POI it may be possible to write one. However, i thought it would be quite cool not
to interpret the word document everytime i have a request. Instead of this would like to have
a forrest document, but i want to use Forrest translation possibilitys. If dream of something

$> forrest-convert concept.doc concept.xml

and forrest would use its plugins or whatever to create a document with forrest "native" tags.
Similar it would be cool to do like this:

$> forrest-convert concept.doc concept.pdf

I wouldn't have to startup the browser, click buttons etc.

I don't know if this is possible but i would think that this feature would be an good enhancement
for Forrest, maybe for Forrest 2. Wdyt?


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