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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Issue review
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 21:39:58 GMT
The deadline for the Release Plan Vote is Monday 2007-04-01 at 22:00 
UTC, a little under 24 hours from now (as of writing this mail).

So, I thought a review of outstanding issues may be useful. First, I 
think we deserve a collective pat on the back for getting from around 25 
issues to 7 in such a short amount of time. I wonder why we couldn't get 
it together before? (lets discuss that *after* release though).

Outstanding issues are:


FOR-911  	decide content of release

I think we are agreed on this. See
Lazy consensus applies.

FOR-868 	add relevant notes to the "Upgrading" xdoc 	

Needs attention

FOR-855 	verify the license situation prior to each release 	

Assigned to David, there has been plenty of activity here, thanks David.


FOR-742 	trouble accessing unversioned plugin for a released

Assigned to Cyriaque (are you still driving this or is this from when 
you were working on the build files for this issue?)

This issue is complete, but we need to verify that all plugins are 
available from the correct download location and we need to test against 
the release candidate. There should be no need to touch the code on 
this, so OK to do even in the code freeze.


FOR-644 	code-style cleanup for xml files 	

David suggests doing this during the code freeze (it will only affect 

FOR-241 	character entities (e.g. ampersand) are expanded again

This looks like a Cocoon issue and affects a very specific use case. We 
may have to let this slip to 0.9

FOR-922 	update all docs that explain sitemap fragments 	

David has provided comments warning the reader, Ferdinand has done some 
work on one of our main How-To documents. I'm happy for this to slip to 
0.9 if necessary (it is only a documentation issue so our published docs 
will reflect the change before 0.9 is released).


We are in a really good shape to actually hit the schedule outlined in 
David release plan.


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