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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Use Cases in projectInfo plugin
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:50:23 GMT
Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:
> le 21/03/2007 17:40 Ross Gardler a écrit :
>> Some time ago I added some use case functionality to the projectInfo 
>> plugin. Like the DOAP stuff this should really have gone into a new 
>> plugin.
>> The projectInfo plugin has never been released with this functionality.
>> I therefore propose to extract the use case stuff into a new input 
>> plugin in whiteboard.
>> Lazy consensus is in operation.
> Ok, BTW why the don't we do the same for the faq which are still in the 
> core ?

Yes, there are still a few things that are in core that should come out. 
I'm not making noise about them because they can stay there for 0.8 release.

My DOAP and Use Case work is because of a project I am active on at 
present (I'm also looking at FOR-533 which is in our Roadmap - everyone 
say "WooHoo!!!")


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